A member-owned club, Foothills provides a social and recreational center in which to develop a community of friends.

Our informality, the close proximity of all facilities, and the friendly cooperation among members are special attributes of Foothills. These features combine to create a comfortable home environment that is unique among clubs in the area. Members take proprietary pride in their club and are expected to volunteer their time to organize activities, set the direction of our programs, and share in the upkeep of the clubhouse and grounds. 

Thank you for your interest in membership. A key to our success is that each member shares a commitment to the values of the club community:

Good Sportsmanship
Financial Prudence

Members take pride in the club and are encouraged to volunteer their time to organize activities, set the direction of our programs, and share in the upkeep of the clubhouse and grounds. Our existence is dependent on the volunteerism of our Members for social events, committees and the Board of Governors. All Members are expected to know and abide by Club policies and rules.

Application Process

Potential applicants are encouraged to stop by Foothills to take a look around and obtain an application. Prior to submitting an application, prospective members may request a tour of Foothills including the grounds, clubhouse, and amenities.

Applicants must be sponsored by two current proprietary Members. One of these Members must have known the applicant for at least one year. The primary sponsor must write a recommendation letter, to be included at the time of application submission. The secondary sponsor simply signs the application. No sponsor may be related by blood or be associated in business with the applicant. A family introduction must also be included with the application.

Once the complete application has been submitted, the applicants name, city, and sponsors will be posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse lobby. Applicants must be interviewed by a member of the Membership Committee. The committee member will recommend the prospective Member for board approval. Upon approval, the entire family will be invited to a mandatory New Member Orientation given by the General Manager and a member of the Membership Committee or Board. The orientation is an informal opportunity for applicants to meet current Club Members and exchange information, learn about Club programs and rules, and sign insurance liability forms and photo release forms.

These steps are required prior to the membership offer. Admission to Foothills requires the approval of the Board of Governors.

You may print and complete the Proprietary Membership forms, and turn them in to the office.

Fees and Dues

Entrance fee: $14,200
Quarterly dues: $800

About Membership

There are five categories of membership at Foothills:

  • Associate Membership
    • Applicants coming off of the waiting list are offered an Associate membership. There are 20 Associate memberships at any given time. These offer applicants an opportunity to get to know Foothills prior to obtaining full club membership. Associate members have all the rights and privileges of Proprietary members except ownership rights: they may not vote, hold office, sponsor applicants for membership, or share in Club assets upon dissolution. Associate membership is temporary and expires when a Proprietary membership becomes available. Associate members must pay a portion ($10,650) of the Proprietary initiation fee upon accepting this membership. This deposit will be applied to the current initiation fee when an Associate member becomes a Proprietary member. In the event Proprietary membership is declined, all Associate membership privileges terminate and the entrance fee deposit is forfeited. Quarterly Associate dues are $800.

  • Full Proprietary Membership
    • Proprietary membership is full club membership. Associate members are offered a Proprietary membership upon resignation of a proprietary member. There are 320 Proprietary memberships at Foothills. Proprietary members may vote, sponsor new applicants, hold a position on the Board of Governors and share in Club assets upon dissolution. The initiation fee for Proprietary membership is $14,200. Quarterly Proprietary dues are $800.

  • Senior Associate Membership
    • This status is available to families who have been members for 35 years or more. Beginning in 2016, this status is also available to families with a member over the age of 70. Quarterly dues for Senior Associates are 50% of Proprietary dues.

  • Social Membership
    • This status is available to families who have been Proprietary members for 10 years or more. Social members pay annual dues which are 25% of those for Proprietary members. Social members are welcome at all Club social events and are entitled to occasional use of the clubhouse and grounds. Use of the pool and courts is available only as the paid guest of a Proprietary member. Voting, holding office, property rights, sponsoring new members, and sharing in the distribution of the Club’s assets upon dissolution are also not included.

  • Non-Resident Membership
    • This membership is available to families who have moved more than 75 miles from the club site. Non-residents pay annual dues which are 25% of those for Proprietary members.

In general, dues can be expected to raise approximately 5% a year.


In accordance with Foothills By-laws, section 2.11, upon resignation in good standing you will receive *25% of the current entrance fee at the time of resignation, with two exceptions. Firstly, if you joined prior to February 1, 1997, you receive $500 regardless of the current entrance fee. Your resignation takes effect as soon as another family takes your spot or six months after you give written notice, whichever comes first. In the meantime, you will remain a Proprietary member and will be responsible for membership dues. *If you have joined during a promotion, your resignation refund may differ.

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