Camp Miranda - Registration


No refunds after June 1st. Once a camper is registered for a session, no refunds will be given after June 1st. However, campers may change from one session to another, if space is available.


Under no circumstances may a sick camper attend Camp Miranda. If the camper shows any signs of illness or is unable to participate in the camp, please call the office (650) 493-8540 as soon as possible. You must provide a doctor’s note to reschedule without being charged; those who do not or cannot provide a doctor note will be charged the full amount for the missed day of camp.


  • You may come up to 10 minutes before camp begins and leave the grounds promptly after camp ends.
  • Use of grounds is limited to the camp time only. The grounds are not available to practice or play before or after camp.
  • Family members of the camper may not use the grounds. This includes the clubhouse, kitchen, beverage service, outdoor tables, tennis courts and playground.


The undersigned understands and agrees that in consideration for being allowed on the premises of Foothills Tennis & Swimming (“FTSC”) to participate in summer camp with fill in with instructor (“Instructor”) or any other activity, whether participating in any summer camp-related programs or events offered by the club or making general use of the facilities, he or she is doing so at his or her own risk. If the undersigned is the parent or legal guardian of a minor entering the FTSC facility, he or she expressly acknowledges that he or she is relinquishing, on behalf of the minor child(ren) identified below, all rights the child(ren) may have to sue FTSC or the Instructor for injuries arising out of the minor’s participation in any swimming activity and/or use of or presence upon the FTSC premises regardless of whether the injuries were caused by the negligence of FTSC, Instructor, their respective employees or agents. Neither FTSC nor Instructor shall be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries or property damage sustained in, on or about the premises of FTSC, specifically including, but not limited to, all club facilities (indoors and outdoors), the pool area, all recreation areas, all exercise areas, all play areas, the clubhouse and the parking lot. The undersigned assumes full responsibility for any injuries or damages which may occur while on the FTSC premises, regardless of whether such injuries or damages are caused by the negligence of FTSC, Instructor or any of their employees or agents regardless of cause and regardless of whether the injured person was under the supervision of Instructor at the time of the injury.

The undersigned also expressly acknowledges that by signing below he or she is relinquishing (on their own behalf and on behalf of all minor children listed herein) all rights he or she (or any listed child(ren)) may have to sue FTSC or Instructor for injuries arising out of the use of its facilities or its services. This release is intended to be interpreted as broadly as allowed under California law.

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